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What is the Vine application?

In a world surrounded by different social media application and at the same time so obsessed with the same, it is always good to know about all of them and learn how it can benefit you or to know why it didn’t work well. Maybe learning from this you can head on in making an application which is next booming one in today’s virtual world.

For all those who have never heard about this application or have heard but don’t know much about it. This article will throw light on the complete history, geography or the predicted future of this application. It will be a good case study for all and also will inform about the app to the one who is still eagerly waiting for it.

What is the Vine application?

Vine was actually a video-sharing app that enabled the user to shoot and share short video clips that could be merged in one video to form a clip of total six seconds. The video used to play in a continuous loop and then it could be uploaded and viewed directly in Twitter’s timeline or for that matter any web page. This app is owned by Twitter (parent company).

Now let’s go on to the working of this app.

How did the Vine app function?

Vine app use to function through an application that was compatible on an IOS or Android device but you could even access it and view feeds on the web. The video could be only created and shared only when you do it through the application. The navigation and functions of the app were similar to Instagram hack having scrollable feeds, search bar, a profile, etc. The app was more liked by all when it allowed some new features that enabled the users to edit their video well using various filters, they could now even add music to their clips from their gallery that made the video more interesting.

What was more in it to do? Let’s explore.

The app gave a lot more option to explore than just making the video. It had different sections that allowed the user to discover new videos. Like the Instagram feed is distributed into the number of the genre like travel, food, etc. This application also had categories like explore tab, comedy or trending that allowed the users to get access to the recent popular videos. There were also many memes on Vine. It gave all the people the chance to use a different innovative way to make their video and get know by others.

Thinking that after having so many features why this app got extinct. Well, the answer is that it couldn’t compete with the already popular Instagram and YouTube available for the user.

Hence the Vine app was terminated by Twitter on 17th January 2017. After this, all the active users were very disappointed by the news and waited for its return.

This application is still available as Vine Camera App on the play store that allows them to shoot the video and post it on Twitter but there is no way of posting it on the app itself.

 Later In 2018, there was news that the App is about to launch that would be called V2 soon, but later it was even confirmed that the upcoming new version of Vine has again postponed.

This has made all the users kept waiting for the app. Let’s see how the app gets its comeback and whether this time it can survive in the market. Fingers Crossed.

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