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Whatsapp Vs Telegram! Which One is Better?

We all know Whatsapp from a while now. People started using it before even I did and it made me curious a few years ago that made me come to Whatsapp and also because most of my contacts were on Whatsapp. While Telegram never got the limelight it deserved. It came into limelight when the crypto wave was on it’s highest peak. So, one day I decided to check it out and here are some things which I concluded.

Both of them are really useful and are the best in their fields. They are the same in many ways but also very different from each other. Both of them serve the same purpose but today I will help you to choose between two of them with some valid arguments.

The first thing which matters the most in today’s world is “Security”. How secure you are online?

Telegram clearly has a clear win here as it’s kind of build on the concept of cryptography and it got boasted more because of people’s trust in Zuckerberg has waned in recent times due to whole Facebook blunder and Facebook owns Whatsapp. They bought it some years ago. Even Zuckerberg was silent when a senator asked him “Can Facebook access their Whatsapp messages”. Telegram recently declined to give the Russian government its encryption keys and that has won the hearts of many users. So for security, Telegram seems more solid.

Another area where Telegram is ahead of Whatsapp is “Group Chat”. It altogether beats Whatsapp from the way that you could have up to 100,000 individuals in the group but the main downside is that you will be unable to keep an eye on the discussion. I have been in gatherings with 5k, even 23k individuals and it is simply excessively unruly. Perhaps this is the reason Whatsapp has a lot littler farthest point to their gathering talk. Notwithstanding, a few gatherings do require the huge number which is the reason Telegram carries out the responsibility. Whatsapp may keep their specialty with the little gathering, however, Telegram needs to take a shot at the raucousness of expansive gatherings, maybe have a board by the administrator where critical posts can be perused (rather than only one stuck post). On the off chance that you need a gathering talk for an extensive number of individuals, then Telegram is for you.

Expressions are vital to a significant number of individuals. A telegram has these things called stickers. They are more than the conventional emoticons that smartphone users are utilized to. As of late, Whatsapp has included this element moreover. Telegram is still the winner with regards to stickers for me. Nonetheless, Telegram doesn’t win this region completely, it is leveled between the two platforms.

The user interface is one of the key element for any application to decide how long it’s gonna be here in the market and Whatsapp’s interface is quite neater and more organized than Telegram’s. Telegram’s interface looks good also but I think Whatsapp got a little edge here.

Want to send a movie to your friend then Telegram is the place you should head to as there is no limit on file sharing while Whatsapp got a file sharing limit where you can’t send file weighed more than 100MB and also you can just send 10 files in one shot. Empires and Puzzles hack makes Telegram a good place for sharing files with your friends.

Love meeting new people online then Telegram is best for you because Whatsapp focuses on connecting you with your contacts not with new people whereas Telegram wants you to make it easy for you to connect with the wider audience.

It’s tough to select one in these two as clearly both of them have different functionalities which can come handy anytime to anyone. So, it’s totally upon you that which features you want to use.

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